Up and coming jobs in 2019 & beyond

Increasingly we are adopting a lifestyle that is integrating technology in our day to day lives.  

Technology is now moving at a faster pace then ever and becoming ever more sophisticated and diverse. Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are a couple of buzzwords that we are hearing more of are people become more engaged with technology and the newest emerging technologies. 

And it all makes sense.  The technologies that are now emerging as poised to change the way we live our lives.  As a small example, Blockchain is the underlying technology that allows lightning fast transactions and will introduce a huge segment of the population to participate in online payment transactions who once did not have the means to open and maintain a bank account. 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) will make existing systems and infrastructure smarter over time and will, as a matter of evolution, start replacing humans who are employed in jobs that require repetitive tasks and a fairly systematic decision process.  Fast food workers and truck drivers will be among the many occupations that will be powered by AI and will not require humans to head these tasks.  

In parallel, as the technology is becoming more pervasive in our lives, people still yearn for genuine human  interactions and will crave it even as we head towards an ever more automated and machine-centric future. This is where we will see a growth of jobs that bring a human element to a business.  For example, live chat agents will be in increasing demand as people start to demand and appreciate talking to a live person via chat or phone rather than with a chatbot.  

Here are some of the hottest jobs that are poised to be in demand in 2019 and beyond: 

  1.  Block Chain Developer 
  2. AI Researcher
  3. Live Chat Agent 
  4. Environmental Engineer
  5. Data scientist
  6. Automation Engineer
  7. Chief Experience Officer
  8. Devops Engineer
  9. Cyber Security Specialist 
  10. 3D Architect

It appears the future is demanding a fine balance where we are largely immersed in technology but now are also increasingly demanding services that provide a human touch.  The symbiosis between the two extremes seems to be the direction we are headed in.  

Feel free to research and find out more about the jobs we have mentioned above. If you feel you have the aptitude to get into any of these jobs, contact us, we can help look at study pathways that will help you get into your dream job.  

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