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Northern Studies will use their expert skills and knowledge to place students to their preferred course/program based on their previous academic background, experience, budget and future career prospects. Some of the most demanding programs currently trending in the Canadian Economy are listed here.


Is a broad field and can span from technological inventions within natural science (biology, zoology, botany, chemistry etc), and environmental science (renewable energy, sustainable infrastructure) geography, to their practical research and implementations. Canada boasts in having some of the best Universities & Colleges in the world, to provide full degree courses focused on all the above mentioned avenues where graduates often find themselves doing Doctorate as well as Post-Doctoral studies and being heavily involved in exciting scientific discoveries contributing to global success through major innovations.


Certificate and Diploma programs offered in Colleges such as; Business Essentials/Business Entrepreneurship, Business Administration/Business Management, International Business Diploma, Accounting, Book-Keeping, Supply Chain and Logistics, Digital Marketing are some of the most popular and affordable 1-2 year courses offered in the Post-Secondary levels in Canada. Universities offer a more comprehensive and degree-based 4 years Undergraduate programs such as; Bachelor’s in Business Administration & Bachelor’s in Commerce. Comprehensive 2 year programs in Masters in Business Administration (MBA) & Executive MBA programs are offered at graduate levels. PhD is usually offered in Post-Graduate levels (with or without scholarship) by many renowned top Canadian Universities, where the degree is recognized with the highest esteem. Across the world, Graduates often come out as successful top-performing entrepreneurs and often open their own start-ups with a creative and innovative mind-set.


Certificate/Diploma and/or Degree programs in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Hotel Operations, Customer Service Essentials, Culinary Management, Event Management, Food and Beverage Management, Special Event Planning, are highly demanding programs most of which also come with co-op/work-placement options. Hospitality and Tourism is one of the largest working sectors in Canada. These programs offered by Canadian Educational Institutes are of the highest global standard. Canadian Graduates are highly accelerating in finding themselves with a high employment rate globally once they graduate with a Canadian degree/diploma from this field with employment within the top-notch industrial organizations.


Canada offers some of the most demanding and exciting IT programs that are currently trending in the global economy. Most Canadian Colleges and Universities offer programs like Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, System Analysis, Cloud Infrastructure Architect, Automation and Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain Technology, Software/Game Programming, Health Informatics Technology etc. Many Institutes offer co-op and work-placement alongside the main programs giving the students a taste of industry-wide experience. Employment rate and compensation packages within this sector is highly lucrative, attracting a lot of International Students to focus their career in this field.


The Canadian Health System is often considered to be one of the best medical service providers in the World. Health and Medical Education are always on par with the latest development within the same industry. Canadian Graduates find themselves successfully employed at the most highly sought Medical and Health Research Institutes and Facilities World-Wide with a rewarding career. Health Policy Specialist, Nurse, Respiratory Therapist, Nurse Supervisor, Health Care Manager, Dental Hygienist, Medical Radiation/Ultrasound Technologist, Pharmacist, Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Registered Massage Therapist/Acupuncture/Chiropractor  etc all generate a fantastic, stable and well-remunerated career.

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