The job market outlook in Canada for International Students

For large amount of international students studying in Canada, they aspire to work in Canada while studying or once they complete their study program.  Therefore an ease of entry into the Canadian job market is something International students desire when coming to Canada and is one of the primary reasons they may elect Canada as their study destination.  

While a portion of international students desire going back to their home countries and becoming an integral part of their countries economy armed with their Canadian credentials; a large portion of International students will try to gain employment in Canada and settle down permanently through the permanent residence procedure.  It’s easy to see why many international students choose to settle down in Canada and participate in its job market: 

  • The 2019 Best Countries rankings, formed in partnership with BAV Group, a unit of global marketing communications company VMLY&R, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania ranked Canada;
    • For the fourth consecutive year, No. 1 overall for providing a good quality of life. 
    • No. 1 for both being politically stable and having a well-developed public education 
    • No. 2 for having a good job market, a perception supported by independent research. 
    • No. 5 for the best well-developed public health care system. 
  • Many study programs in Canada offer a co-operative education component which alternate periods of academic study with periods of work experience, paid or unpaid,  in appropriate fields of business, industry, government, social services and the professions. This provides the student with Canadian work experience and makes them more hireable by Canadian employers.  
  • Canada has historically enjoyed a low and stable  job unemployment rate and currently is maintaining a very low rate of unemployment currently at 5.5%
  • According to John Nye, Senior Economist at RBC, the labour force is growing at its fastest pace in more than a decade, with 111k jobs added just between the months of July and September 2019.  
  • The technology sector alone is set to face a shortage of 220,000 tech workers by 2020, demonstrating the strong need for international students to fill the gaps within the Canadian job market

A great quality of life, easy of entry in the Canadian job market and flourishing job market has created a great job/employment outlook for internationals students who choose to study in Canada.   

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