My Voyage

It was the wintry night of Dec 27th 2011. My venture into a new land had started. As an international young student at the age of 26 I landed into an unknown land, fearful of what is left in store for me down the line. I was enrolled into the Masters of Engineering Program of Sustainable Infrastructure Design under the School of Engineering Practice at McMaster University. The day I stepped my foot into the gigantic campus, I immediately was overwhelmed with a feeling of both anxiety and pride. I was the only Bangladeshi in the entire department. I managed to receive full scholarships for the next 2 semesters, which made my parents very proud. Slowly, a year and a half passed by. I graduated with pretty solid grades and managed to get my sustainable development research published successfully in the form of a book which is now sold in Amazon worldwide.

Then the real struggle began. I moved from Hamilton to Toronto under the Post-graduate work permit to look for a job and to earn my living. My parents, being supportive, offered to financially help me, but I refused their generous offer. I wanted to make my own identity, and establish myself here fruitfully. Eventually while going to several job interviews, I got a call from a fairly new Private Career College in Toronto to join as a Student Advisor. I also got a call from the TTC -Toronto Public Transit Commission to join as a CSR. Due to my financial struggle, I decided to take on both opportunities . I started saving money as I wanted to improve my life-style and quality of living. I applied for my Permanent Residence soon after I joined the College (Pharma-Medical Science College) and eventually landed as a Permanent Resident internally on March 27th 2015. It was a significant day in my life as I also bought my first property the same day! My parents were overjoyed, I was under a lot of emotions both happy and sad. All that I had in front of me was the hunger to move forward in life, and be in a better position so I could have a positive outlook in my lifestyle and help hundreds of other international students be well informed. I continued to work in the college and finally left for a better opportunity at one of the biggest software organizations in Canada – Harris Computer Corp. I joined as a Technical Trainer on March 2017 and eventually got promoted to Project Coordinator within 10 months due to my strong performances and dedication at work. I got my Canadian Citizenship in 2018. I was travelling a lot for work, financially I felt more at peace. My heart was however burning with a strong zeal of doing something more. .
That’s when I figured I need to settle myself down into doing something where I would be able to get a sense of fulfillment for myself through a rewarding career, as well as satisfy the needs of many international students to make their arrival here more streamlined and hassle-free. I was coming across a lot of horrific stories of how educational agents and recruiting firms would sham students and scoop large sums of money away from them through unethical means enticing them on false Canadian dreams.

That’s where I partnered up with like-minded people and we formed a strong team to build something that students can trust upon. We gave birth to Northern Studies. And here we are to deliver your dream and give it a real meaning. That’s where our success lies, which is through YOU!