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Ontario’s Non-Resident Speculation Tax – A Cautionary (Trust) Tale

This post reviews the Ontario “Non-Resident Speculation Tax” (“NRST”), and draws attention to an important possible effect to be aware of on land conveyances involving trusts in the province. This post is a refresher and update to Corina Weigl’s post in June 2017, which was posted shortly after the proposal for the tax was released as part of Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan[1] in April 2017. on 09 Dec 2019
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Tax Information for International Students in Canada

International students studying in Canada can have a difficult time determining whether they should file Canadian income taxes. This is because international students do not always owe taxes or qualify for refunds or credits. Learn how to determine whether you should file a Canadian tax return, and how to complete it. on 09 Dec 2019
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International students have powerful influence on B.C. real estate

International students represent a powerful economic influence in Canada, according to data from the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), not the least of which is seen in the real estate sector. on 05 Dec 2019
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International Students - Kindergarten to Grade 12

The Toronto District School Board boasts and with pride as being one of the most multicultural school boards in the world. TDSB warmly welcomes huge numbers of foreign students from different nationalities, every year. Attending a school in Toronto is a very fulfilling experience for them. on 05 Nov 2019
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Be aware of an ongoing scam targeting international students

Synopsis: A lot of international students in Canada have reported to have received scam calls from IRCC asking for getting an immigration lawyer hired. Thy are told that they might face getting arrested or deportated if they do not do so, hence sweeping thousands of dollars away from under their feet. So BE AWARE! on 05 Nov 2019
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