Applying to a School

There are two major English assessment tests for all International Students which are accepted globally. Northern Studies will help all International Students to prepare for their English proficiency exams as a prerequisite for admissions in a Canadian education institute.

Recently Canada has experienced a huge influx of International Students for both public and private high schools. Where offered, students may enroll in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program or take Advanced Placement (AP) which offer college-level courses and the opportunity to earn college credit.

Bachelors Program

Canada prides itself in being home to some of the best and most reputed universities in the world offering world-class Undergraduate degrees across all disciplines. Every year thousands of International Students come to Canada to complete their Bachelor Programs which are highly valued and recognized globally.

Post-Secondary Diploma Programs

Publicly funded and Private Career Colleges offer various Post-secondary Certificate/Diploma Programs that are typically one or two years in duration.
Colleges offer smaller-class sizes, a friendly atmosphere and better access to instructors. Tuition fees are competitive and generally lower than that of universities.

Course-based Master’s degree

Are typically of one or two years in duration and are completed under the supervision of a dedicated Professor.

Research-based Master’s degree

Requires completion of both graduate-level courses and a thesis and is typically two years in duration. As part of the application process, Graduate Students will choose a thesis topic related to their program of study and will write a statement of research/interests in consultation with a graduate Professor who will be willing to supervise them.

Doctorate or PhD degree

Requires completion of original research-topic and defense of a thesis. Students generally make significant impact in the field of their study during PhD. It is typically four years and could be funded either partially or fully by the University depending on availability of funds.


Applying for Visa

The process of obtaining the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) can be quite overwhelming. It involves the following steps;

– Compiling the relevant documents that are necessary in order to apply

– Filling the Temporary Resident Visa application and obtaining biometrics/passport photos accurately and in a timely manner

– Submitting the Temporary Resident Visa application after paying all the necessary fees

Extension of Study/Work Permit

Generally your TRV will expire on the same date as your Study or Work Permit.

If your program of study or work assignment does not finish as per the expiry date on the Study/Work Permit, you will have to apply for an extension BEFORE extending your Temporary Resident Visa.

We can assist you in extending your study/work permit and also TRV as required.

Post Graduate work Permit

The post-graduation work Permit is issued once International Students have graduated from a participating Canadian post-secondary institution.

This will help them to gain credible Canadian work experience which will in turn support their application for Permanent Residence.

We can assist you in applying for Post Graduate Work Permit.


Generally, a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is required before a Canadian employer can hire a temporary foreign worker

The LMIA is a document that will show that there is a need for the foreign worker to fill the job requirement and there are no Canadian workers to meet the skill set to perform the job. A job confirmation can be used in place of a positive LMIA.



We provide support and advice to any International Student looking for temporary accommodations based on their budget and needs.
We can help find local hotels in and around your educational institution if needed and connect you with hotel agents that will help you find the best rates.
Our in-house staff is fully connected with real estate agents all over Canada and can help you find an apartment or home either for rent (short or long term leases available) or for buying and/or investment purposes.


Resume/Interview Workshops

We provide workshops to help International Students to highlight their educational background with their existing sets of experience and skills on their resume & cover letter.

In these workshops we provide the following help:

– Resume & Cover Letter writing

– Interview preparation/Mock Interviews

– Counselling and advice on individual career pathways

In the training classes we guide & advice International Students on how to effectively communicate with respective clients, colleagues and senior management in real job settings.

We hold regular sessions for newcomers seeking employment (temporary, intern, co-op, permanent).

We provide consultation and advice for International Students who are looking for job placement based on their academic & relevant work experience.

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